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Luke Norris’ background as a designer & brand consultant for creatives, executives and entrepreneurs around the world under his firm ‘Tuhi Creative’.

 “Design”, a term loosely coined and with the current education and implementation of the world wide web, it has been easy to lay claim to the term “designer”.  When times have heralded a new generation of designers with different specialties like “web designers”, “interior designers” and “graphic designers”.  This design industry has experienced what has been penned as a period stand still in the realms of creativity. Luke Norris, breathes a fresh perspective into an industry saturated with the blurry, yet fine lines of creative vision and specialized skill sets encouraging a better turn encapsulating exactly what has been designated as necessary industry change.

While most people find their calling later in life, Luke knew from a young age that his creativity and ability to see things from an interesting perspective is definitive skill set that he possesses.  Deciding at the age of 9 that he wanted to work in marketing after visiting an ad agency, it led to a constant journey of honing that creative vision and application of cultural awareness.

“Building a friendship and trust with my clients is the highest priority for them to believe in my work as much as I do”

Taking a rather unconventional route and entering the work industry immediately after graduation from high school, Luke spent 5 years in an advertising agency developing campaign ideas and refining his skill set in bringing his artistic ideas to life.  In that time he was one of ten selected from over 1000 entrants to be accepted into Award School, being coached by some of the top Creative Directors in Australia in print, film, radio, copywriting & outdoor advertising. By the end of this time, he had worked his way to Art Director.

The name ‘Tuhi’ originating from his New Zealand native Maori heritage word meaning to communicate through the five senses - touch, smell, taste, sight & gesturing.

In an effort to further his artistic perception with the cultural knowledge and environmental education, Luke then gave in to his childhood dream and moved to New York City. He spent 6 months studying the finer points of film editing at the New York Edit Centre. On his return to Australia, he started his own design studio; Tuhi Creative ( where he seeked to achieve his clients wants and needs with creative campaigns. At Tuhi, Luke channelled his Maori heritage and further honed his skills in creative communicate through writing, sketching, stitching and gesticulating.

As a lifestyle designer, he hopes that his vision of practical yet comfortable design can influence and impact the community.  Following the rule that the best designers live the product they design, Luke moves to implement his attitude of extreme sports and the appreciating of artistic, luxury and travel experiences in a collective vision.

“Social media to me is an exciting new platform to communicate with a person or an audience and also add another dimension to creativity”

Luke has always acknowledged the importance of social media as an ever-evolving industry from the beginning.  By fully understand the operations and technical information of online platforms, it has generated his desire to stay fully involved.  At the same time, with the intention to stay connected to people all around the world to assist in better communicating his creative viewpoints to targeted audiences.

In 2011, Luke was named one of the ten Brand Ambassadors at Elysiants, a global social-media luxury networking platform.  He was selected among the crème of the design industry for his perceptive ideas and innovative thoughts to assist Elysiants in the development of the ‘Lifestyle’ sector.

“Extreme sports is my outlet away from the computer and a time I can switch my brain off from work and focus on pulling off the next move”

Luke takes inspiration from extreme sports to add an element of sparkle to his work, believing that the attitude and skill-set grown has assisted in distinguishing his work.  By applying the acquired ideals of dedication, consistency, effort and diligence to his creative ideas, it has cultivated the knowledge and application of a unique combination of the various lifestyles and cultures.

“Without interests how can you broaden your levels of communicating with different audiences”

From sneakers to high-fashion apparel, Luke infuses various elements of his interests.  Being a keen observer of design, fashion, architecture, sports, art and music, Luke refines his vision with influences from selective industries.  Luke also collects sneakers, owning over 200+ pairs from vintage Jordan Ones to Air Force Two Espo collaboration.

His experience & success globally has motivated him to create a second arm called SHOSHIN & CO.

An international platform at the core of cultural intelligence. Inspired by the Japanese word meaning “beginners mind’ that represents an attitude of openness, eagerness and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject. Even at an advanced level related to typologies and the psychological, sociological, and biological theories in todays world.